Update 8th August 2013

What a hectic couple of weeks these have been!

'Duckface Unstoppable'

My Birthday fortnight (!) kicked off properly with a visit to see my pal Bam Magera in London with his band 'Fuckface Unstoppable' at the Camden Underworld, which was a great night in the company of my sister Amanda and her boyfriend Patrick, whose new house in Greenwich I crashed over for the evening, having been met by Ross Bolidai our video producer. Hooking up with us on board Bam's(pretty much destroyed by partying) tour bus after the show, he then drove us home across London in his new Subaru gas guzzler. Since then Bam has been in hospital in Iceland having ruptured an umbilical hernia jumping off a waterfall for a tv show, also having to have six bone spurs cut from his feet. The Jackass!!!

'4 Years Old Today!'

'Way-ey the Lads!!!'

My actual birthday was spent in the company of family and a scorching few days partying in the garden, visiting the cinema to see The Wolverine, being taken out for meals and a Friday night party at our local pub The Black Horse and metal nightclub The Rep (sadly, its last night in existence, as the venue is being converted into -surprise, surprise- a luxury wine bar), where I was surprised by a few familiar faces who were assembled for the night, including various nefarious band members from Devilment, Stahlsarg, The Conflict Within and Eastern Front; Ross, Laura Woodley, Scott Atkins and a slew of local friends, fiends and fiendesses, who then managed to make it back in the wee hours of the morning to the 'House Of Devilment' where the festivities continued
unabated to around six in the morning, with more than one person being copiously sick! Subsequently the next day was a bit of a write-off, as one can imagine...

'Girls Allowed'

The next week I was in and out of the studio working on various musical
projects, though I did manage to squeeze in another cinema trip to see The World's End, the final third film in the Shaun Of The Dead 'Cornetto' series, which was extremely funny (I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Alan Partridge 'Alpha Papa' movie too).

'One Little Indian'

Then at the end of the week the festivities began afresh, with the best part of three days spent at Umberslade farm park in Warwickshire glamping out in the Tipi village with Toni, Luna and my family, their boyfriends, girlfriends and children, spending much of the time barbecuing; tending our eternal camp fire until the early hours of the morning; listening to cheesy Eighties music, attending survival missions, visiting the farm park for animal rides and slap-up fried breakfasts, drinking copious amounts of vino and playing cricket, frisbee, football and rounders under the sweltering Summer sun.

'An In-Tents Experience'

Naturally, being England, there were a few thunderstorms, but these were brief and quite fun seeing as the teepees were huge and only leaked a little, although the constant threat of lightning was a little unnerving. Still, it was a great few days in a beautiful part of the English countryside, and there were proper showers should we care to use them, plus country pubs close by and a superstore twenty minutes away to stock up on beer, wine and heaps of flesh. Plus I got to see two very bright shooting stars, prompting various quotes from H.G Well's War Of The Worlds to ensue.

'Uh Ohh!!!'

To crown the weekend off, my Sister Amanda (who runs a London dance company)sorted me and Devilment guitarist Daniel Finch a VIP box out at the London O2 Arena to catch the last night of the Iron Maiden tour, resulting in a madcap dash back to London from the tepee weekend, just in time to relax in the VIP bar and miss the godawful opening act.
That said, Maiden were the best I've seen them tonight, playing hit after hit, from 'The Phantom Of The Opera' through to 'Aces High' through to 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers' and 'Seventh Son.. ', which we both enjoyed from the privilege of a private box that overlooked the arena. We even had time to make a few new friends from an adjacent booth, who later joined us in the after-hours VIP bar, which ran right up to approximately two minutes to midnight. Awesome!

'2 Minutes to Midnight'

So there you have it. A busy little bee me. Next week some updates on all things Filthy, plus more on what is happening with my other bands... (Suffuck's finest) Devilment and Temple Of The Black Moon. If you do have a spare moment my online lovers, please check them both out and add your 'likes' to their Facebook pages.

Cradle of Filth's Facebook
Devilment's Facebook Page
Temple Of The Black Moon's Facebook Page

Until next we meet,
Brest, Dani x

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Comment by kaitlynne on August 12, 2013 at 10:08

your life may be hectic but i wish i had it :P tnx for the update dani ♥

Comment by Christine on August 10, 2013 at 7:58

Good to hear you had a great time! And as usual thanks for updating us. xx

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