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DEVILMENT - official 'Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me' music video released!

Devilment - Official 'Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me' music video released!

Witch County England's finest, DEVILMENT featuring Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH) are premiering the official music video for the brand new single, 'Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me', at

European premiere site…


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Dani's Blog 21/08/14

Whoever says that Cradle are going down-hill are a bunch of hillbilly fucking morons who sit all day behind their fake IDs slagging all and sundry off because they actually have no life to speak of. But then, to be fair, they haven't heard the awesome new album tracks that are now at the halfway stage to recording (start date for the album is the end of November).

Anyhoo, on a more pleasant bend, we had a brilliant couple of days last week, firstly playing the Trutnoff festival in…


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'Fading Star' Feat Dani Filth by Schoolcraft now available to purchase!

Finally you can hear and purchase the gothic escapade 'Fading Star' by Cradle of Filth keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft (and featuring Dani Filth) via bandcamp!

Purchase your digital track here…


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Total Fucking Darkness

Total Fucking Darkness

The re-release of Cradle Of Filth's Total Fucking Darkness plus additional never-been-released extras is very nearly upon us. To order the double vinyl gatefold (limited to 666 copies Worldwide) go to Mordgrimm/CradleofFilth

Not wanting to own a rare piece of history? Then the equally formidable CD will be available for general consumption here ... …


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Dani Filth Tour Blog 13/02/14

The co-headline European tour with Behemoth is going great, from a sold-out show at the London Forum to a furious headline gig in Paris, it's been a f**king blast!

Yesterday we had a quite a packed day off metro-ing it around Paris, photos of which I will be posting over the coming day or so as I collate them on my travels. Keep those peepers peeled.

The picture below was taken in the Catacombs far below Paris where 6 million human remains are interred in ornate skull and bone…


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The Curse of Venus Aversa - Update

Greetings Filthlings!

As you are undoubtedly aware of by now, the Cradle Of Filth graphic novel ' The Curse Of Venus Aversa' Kickstarter campaign has been unleashed and has thirty days (and nights) to run its wicked course... see previously posted missives below.

This 76 page (yes, its growing!!!) opus to darkness, is indeed a bold new venture for the 'Filth, and one I think you'll enjoy, as it is testament to the fact that horror, music, art and the shitten word…


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Cradle of Filth Enters Comics with The Curse of Venus Aversa

Cradle of Filth Enters Comics with The Curse of Venus Aversa

Comic books and rock n’ roll have crossed paths many times—from the ongoing adventures of KISS at IDW to Neil Gaiman’s collaboration with Alice Cooper in The Last Temptation. Now, British extreme metallers Cradle of Filth have entered the fray with The Curse of Venus Aversa. The 72-page “adult graphic novel” features a… Continue

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Dani Filth's Update 08/08/13

Update 8th August 2013

What a hectic couple of weeks these have been!

'Duckface Unstoppable'

My Birthday fortnight (!) kicked off properly with a visit to see my pal Bam Magera in London with his band 'Fuckface Unstoppable' at the Camden Underworld, which was a great night in the company of my sister Amanda and her boyfriend Patrick, whose new house in Greenwich I crashed over for the evening, having been met by…


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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 02/07/13

The trip to Bulgaria started interrupting my dinner on the Thursday evening when Dan and tour manager Steve turned up early, apparently bored. They'd travelled down from Scotland that morning, picked a hire car up from Heathrow and had killed some time in the afternoon watching World War Z at a local multiplex whilst I was busy last-minute rehearsing.

'Steve Page's Driving…

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Dani Filth's Festival Blog 26/06/13

Hellfest was amazing this year, despite the 48 hour drain of driving all the way there in two vans, one for the stage gear and one for Daniel, Paul, James, myself and our Monitor guy Pete. It was pretty horrific in all fairness, but in a really good way.

Leaving Ipswich at half past four with our former tour manager Steve Page at the proverbial helm and driver Andy in the hot seat, I winked in and out of existence until we hit…


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Dani Filth Updates 08/06/13


Greetings Filthmongers,

Dani here... I thought I'd update you on Cradle Of Filth's current status as a fully operational and fully armed battle station.

Firstly we have a slew of festival dates coming up which we are all hungry at the bit to venomously play, the first of which is Saturday next weekend at NovaRock in Austria, sharing the stage with our friends from The 69 Eyes and HIM.

As you might be aware of, (if you haven't been… Continue

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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 22/05/13

'Bitter Suits To Suck Me By'

The Hell-born in Melbourne.

Another early flight, another hotel that we manage to quickly drop our stuff into before heading to the venue. Except that for once I decide to crash out for a few hours and hook up with the band later, as I'm feeling pretty bloody exhausted. Truth be told I'd make a shit vampire anyway, as I find it near impossible to sleep during the day!

A few hours in…


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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 15/05/13

We arrived in Seoul at a reasonable hour and were greeted by the promoter and his interpreter, who not only is playing in the support band the next night, but also owns the club where we will be playing and a bar where we undoubtedly will end up partying in after.

The lengthy journey into the city via a giant red penis statue, finds us at yet another luxurious hotel (The Marigold-just constructed) where we have enough time allocated to drop off our travel bomb sites before heading out…


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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 08/05/13

April 30th 2013

'Three Steps to Heaven'

Not a huge amount to write about for this insert as its a lengthy travel day to Hong Kong via a five hour lay-off in Kuala Lumpur once again and after the last few days travelling and playing in the heat, plus the 'do' everybody had last night, we are all genuinely tired to fuck. Still, our humour remains intact as we troll through check-in/security/ boarding gate/plane and Big Martin's…


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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 02/05/13


'So Black and White!'

The flight to Singapore was pretty arduous as it took twelve hours to reach Kuala Lumpur, with a further two to Singapore City, though it was no way as bad as Paul's flight total of nearly two days from Minneapolis, rendering his time at home to nary half a day. Pretty pointless in the long run, begging the question 'why the fuck didn't we just travel straight to Singapore from South America and avoid all this… Continue

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Samuel Araya, (artist of Dani's poetry book) art exhibition, Sat 11th May.

Native to Paraguay, Samuel Araya has been illustrating games for companies like White Wolf, Green Ronin and Paizo Publishing, and you may know his work in that genre.

This is not that show.

This collection features new works (never before seen!) as well as a set of illustrations used for the upcoming book of poetry by frontman Dani Filth (of band Cradle of Filth). Dark,mysterious, beautiful and disturbing,…


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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 25/04/13

The show day in Argentina begins with a lengthy lay-in at the hotel and a

hearty breakfast, with plenty of time to catch up with the necessities of life, like back to back episodes of CSI and dyeing my hair, which seems to have aged considerably within the last four or five flights.


"Don't Fly To Me Argentina"

 By the time we all meet up for lobby call, I am restored to a semblance of normal life, my case re-packed and… Continue

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Dani Filth's Tour Blog 18/04/13

The day starts with an accursed alarm call, a gallon of coffee and a very early check-in for the two flights to Costa Rica, the first via El Salvador where we will be playing tomorrow, the rising sun chasing us down the runway as we point ourselves towards our heavenly goal.

Delirious from the outset, the flight makes little sense as we are so tired that everything passes like a blur, one minute I'm captivated by the loud on board announcements, the next I'm waking up on the…


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Dani Filth Blog 13/04/13


The tour started with a five am roll call at Springvale studios, which was running an hour late from the off, meaning that I was the only one sitting down at the rehearsal room whilst my pick-up was sixty odd miles away on this cold, chilly April morning. However, having loaded everything up from the Cradle Of Filth equipment shed, we made up for time by telling James and Daniel to get cabs to Heathrow airport from central London to avoid us getting caught in the building congestion…


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Dani Filth's Blog 08/04/13

Good evening Filthmongers,

I thought I'd quickly write a blog before departing for Mexico this week to undertake Cradle Of Filth's tour of South America.

Everything is go and we are all presumably well-rehearsed. I say presumably as I haven't seen any of the band since finishing the European tour late last December! A bit tricky when you all live in different parts of the world it has to be said.

Anyhoo, I do know that we are all very excited about playing together live again,…


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