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At 16:32 on February 10, 2014, Gothica Erotica said…

I'm back....IDK if my brother still watches that show or not---I haven't talked to him since Christmas....I think he still watches if he isn't at work.....and then sometimes he will record it....Well, we did not get snow, but, it rained and it we had an ice storm...Icicles were hanging off the house and my father's truck and his doors were frozen shut...was very cold....Sorry about the two notes, am having some trouble concentrating today.....I hope you have a wonderful day today and speak to you more later...Hugs, Melanie 8-]]

At 16:28 on February 10, 2014, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey Josh...thanks so much for your support...I appreciate the prayers....Sounds like you got some very cool is my whole world right now.....any genre except reggae or jazz.....I play metal the most, of course......Hey, I will be right back....8-]]

At 16:15 on February 9, 2014, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey Josh!! So wonderful to hear from you.....At least you have been to the dentist...I need to go very soon, haven't been in a very long time....cavities suck, I agree....Aww, you will be cute with a snaggletooth=))....but, get the partial if it makes you more comfortable.....Sounds like your cats are keeping you busy....mine has is cold out and he keeps running in the house...he has always been an outside cat and he is 14 years old....I would die if I found a rodent of any kind in my toilet....I know what you mean about losing them...they can be like your kids....Sounds like you have been busy on Facebook....I might rejoin once my life gets back in order....I have been very sick all weekend long...migraine and fever....My mother has cancer and she will be having surgery tomorrow....So, I am a big mess right now...been very worried....besides all the illness, I have been ordering cds like my therapy.....Nothing much else has been happening right now...My little cousin came by the house last night with her dad...They were going to a father/daughter dance at the church...She was so pretty, she is 10.....You take care and hope to talk more soon....Love, Melanie 8-]]]

At 20:54 on December 14, 2013, Gothica Erotica said…

*P.S. I forgot something, as usual---I suppose you are right about my playlist---I got a little bit of everything so everyone can find one song they like, I am sure...glad I made you laugh....and thanks, every day I get a little bit better....Love, Mel. 8-]]

At 20:50 on December 14, 2013, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey....Yup, well, I am just glad the procedure is now over for me....OO, yes, they do need to keep an eye on you since you take more methadone...don't want nothing bad happening to my sweet Josh=))...I know what you mean about your pharmacy messing up your scripts...The same thing happened to me this week and I had to wait until the next day before they got their shit together....I use Harvey's Pharmacy myself....I used to belong to a club years ago, I don't anymore for the cds...I go directly to Amazon......Coulmbia House more or less dumped me when the went, I get my cds other ways now....It is raining here in Georgia today too!!! All day long it has been wet and soggy and the cat keeps wanting in the house.....I didn't know Killswitch Engage had changed singers, glad the original one is back....I just discovered this band so I am just learning more details about them......Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful....Always, Mel. 8-]]

At 20:27 on December 12, 2013, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey Josh----I had to have a camera rammed down my throat so the doctor could see my lungs....he said my lymph nodes were not acting quite right....I don't have cancer, thank goodness....glad your jaw is feeling better....EKG??? Are you ok, Josh??? That is very serious...Yup, Dani is in Devilment and The Temple of the Moon also.....I used to belong to Columbia House.....I know they are on-line and I get most cds from Amazon or Cd Universe.....Yup, I got some good metal songs on my playlist and a few nobody likes, like the one you mentioned, Bruno---I figure people can mute the pop songs.....Ha, I am glad I amaze you....Pissing Razors is a great band...I am expecting Killswitch Engage tonight---UPS is suppose to bring it later....The beast, my mail lady, did not bring it.....I hope you have a very Merry Christmas too......I really hope I didn't forget anything here...If I did, please let me know....I have had a hard time lately concentrating....You take care, Love, Mel. 8-]]

At 19:51 on December 6, 2013, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey Josh---I finally am able to write half way decent messages again, so, I thought I'd give it a whirl....Thanksgiving for me was nice and boring....I ate and saw some football---I went shopping that weekend......sounds like Lisa just wanted a little change with her eyes...I always wanted blue eyes, bet she looks nice in them....Your cats sound very active to me.....My cat is funny too--a possum came up under our garage last night and our cat was on the car watching him with these big eyes...was say you got real cold weather , eh?? I n Georgia, it is still got cold for a few days and then it got back like summer time......Sabbath is cool, I listen to them sometimes.....I got into lots of different bands lately......Motionless in White, Thy Art is Murder, All Shall Perish......Love these bands.....I got like 8 new cds and these were among my favorites....I also like Chimaira a lot......I am ready for Christmas---How about you??? I hope I remembered most everything---still a little foggy....OOO, your jaw...Does it feel any better??? I hate going to the doctor too.....Well, you take care and hope we can talk again very soon...Hugs, Melanie 8-v

At 16:47 on December 4, 2013, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey Josh--wanted you to know I got your note....I hope to answer you back in the next 2-3 days...I am just here now to tell you I had surgery(minor) yesterday and am still real foggy and can't talk a long time just yet--hoping tomorrow I can be old Mel. again and talk to everyone normally.....8-]]

At 20:18 on November 19, 2013, Besta said…

My hero Mitch lucker <3 rest in peace \m/ :(

At 16:58 on November 18, 2013, Gothica Erotica said…

Hey sweetie!!! So glad to see you!!! Yup, glad you found the site--as you can see, we are still here, being filthy....Ha Ha...I am glad you like my new name and changes to my page...I was so bored with myself and needed a change...I left my profile picture alone so people would still recognize me...I not change it for a while...I am known for that great big green eye....My health has been very bad...been so sick and in bed a lot of the time....migraines mainly and I got some infection , doc. doesn't know what it is, have fever now for 3 weeks....So, what about you?? U said you weren't up to much....Tell me about your cats, music you like that is metal, Lisa, anything....Is your health good??? I am so happy you wrote.....Hope to hear from you again very soon...Kisses, Melanie 8-]]


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