Dani Filth's Blog 18/03/13 - Upcoming tour and Australian Support Slot Competition!

Greetings once again friends and fallacies,

Dani here, riddled with Seasonal Affective Disorder. For, despite the gothic ambience of drizzling rain and wind lashing about the backdrop of the Suffolk countryside, I would die for a tropical day sat in the shade of palm tree about now, Midnight-hogging Vampire Overlord or not. The weather is miserable and cold. My Mother came back from India to two foot of snow, the colour of lightly cooked steak to a house so cold you could ice your own drinks with spit. Providing that you were drinking vodka. Where the Hell is the British Springtime, complete with fresh fields abrim with yellow Daffodils and gamboling lambs, the heady perfumes of nature in the air and a glow in the hearts of every living Englishman?

Well, after the disaster that was the US tour cancellation (which still weighs incredibly heavy on the mind, adding to the depressing weather front), at least we have the warmer climes of South America, Asia and Australia to look forward to, and a whole bunch of people who've never see the band perform before to impress. This will be quite like being dropped in at the deep end for Lindsay our current keyboardist/backing singer, who will suddenly appreciate the sudden chaos, cause and colour of these forthcoming Cradle Of Filth shows. I know both South American and Australian crowds are absolutely rabid, but it will definitely be interesting to see the reaction of our fans in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in comparison. After all, I expect COF fans to be pretty mental the world over! Paul, Martin, James, Daniel, Lindsay and myself are all really really looking forward to it.

And the shows.

Didn't being banned in China come as some big surprise?! What the Hell was that all about? Apparently the permits had already been granted; signed, sealed, delivered and the shows organised, then suddenly a complete U-turn on the decision from the appropriate authorities (immigration are not my favourite suitors at the moment, as you can imagine). I also used to think 'Big In Japan' was a popular distinction, not 'Banned In China', which is growing on me like a Shiitake mushroom.

So, for those about to rot. News is that black metal's cosmic puppeteers Arcturus will be supporting us in Mexico City at the Circo Volodar, which, as always will be an awesome show. As for the rest of South America I am still investigating, so will keep you abreast of that as and when the raven arrives, so too regarding the Asian leg, though the festival in Jakarta boasts Destruction, Epica, As I lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary amongst others (see the full line-up for both days here… Schedule Information

On the Wonderful Land Of Oz however, I do have news. For the East Coast run of shows, the main support there will be Australian extreme noise terrorists The Amenta. For the show in Perth it will be the melodic death metal outfit Claim The Throne. The opening act for each night will be decided by a competition held in honour of all things dark and bastardly, where bands can win their own coveted opening slot, oo-er missus!

Anyhoo, see below for details…

To enter this fantastic competition, crawl painfully over to facebook.com/KRBDE.touring to register your band's details and best song. Bands must register their details through the purpose built Facebook application, which allows users to send a soundcloud link of their best song. The most suitable songs will be shortlisted and put to a public vote through the KillRockStar Entertainment facebook page. The TOP 3 highest voted songs/bands in each city will then be presented to Simon Cowell, sorry, Dani Filth, who will pick the final winners to open the shows in each city himself! Without the aid of crutches, thinking people or anything! Registrations for bands close midnight Sunday 24th March by the tolling of the misery bell.

So yes, all fired up here in the Cradle camp for this coming apocalypse of shows.
As for all else, check back here in the next few weeks, same place, same dank corner of the internet, for more official updates on the video release, tour dates, plans for 2013, the Extra Claws version of TMAOHorrors, dirty pictures and considerably more.

Immortally Yours,

Dani Filth

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