Dani's Blog 05/09/2012 The Manticore and Other Horrors, European Tour Dates and a Competition!


Greetings fellow munchkins,


At last I can verify that the witch is dead.


The album is finished, and indeed finally titled; The Manticore and Other Horrors is officially signed, sealed and delivered to the Devil's doorstep with a note written in spidery ink apologising for the delay.


Of which there was basically none come to think of it, as we worked like the damned to bring this album kicking and screaming into being over the last few months. With the fulfillment of the vocals at Springvale studios, we reconvened at Scott Atkin's Grindstone studios (newcomer Daniel Firth having just finished his bass off), to tackle a mix that had already been pre-waxed extensively into shape, and to finish what choir and female vocals were left to undertake, for what I call on this album, the evil faerie-dusting.


Then it was three weeks deep (separated by a Hellgig weekend) locked away in the verdant Suffolk countryside gently coaxing our Frankenstein to life, assailed by some of the strangest weather an English July has ever seen, nibbling ever further and further into the mix as the heavens violated the earth. Goddamn that outside toilet!


So here and now, with Bod as my witness, I can truly say that The Manticore and Other Horrorssounds fxxking awesome, a real noticeable twist in tone but all the better for it. It's ornate, taut, punk and aggressive but very much the neo-classical whore of yore, spitting raw bloody fury through the maw of the majestic. But I would say that, I've had a firm hand in it's oily whelping!


Next stop, having entertained Cambridge and Wacken, Germany live (both days were really fantastical adventures separated by a relatively quiet night in Hamburg), and dripping video and photo-shoots along the way (I'm sure by now you've seen some of the pictures taken at our day long shoot in Osterley House by James Sharrock, if you haven't here are some behind-the-scenes shots snapped by my wife… More found in my photos!), next comes the months of selling this monster into the metal marketplace, despite the fact that you, our loyal undead retinue, know full well what this album is potentially bristling with.


That's right. Breakneck Gothic Lustmord razor metal with a hint of the willies.


Something that surpasses our previous two albums with nary a blink for forgiveness. Something that has the true pumping blood of Cradle at it's indelible helm. Something truly wicked.


I can also reveal to you, o deadicated followers of gashion, the full extent of our end-of-year European invasion plans, still slimy with ink, having officiallyjust rolled off the press. And I can also say that the European tour will be followed soon after by a Mexican, North American and Canadian tour that will see us right through to Spring 2013. Unlucky for some (in this case, those who didn't come).


Thus, in all it's vile and vivid glory, Ladles and Jelly spoons, I proudly present…


The Creatures From The Black Abyss - European Tour 2012 E.H- featuring Godseed (featuring Gaahl and King, formally Gorgoroth), Rotting Christ, Darkend and Blynd (subject to dates).






- ROTTING CHRIST (GRE)Touring from Nov. 7th - Nov. 27th and from Dec. 11th till Dec. 19th 2012

- DARKEND (ITA)Touring from Nov. 7th - Nov. 27th 2012 (first Part Touring)

- BLYND (CYPRUS)Nov. 27th - Dec. 19th 2012 (2nd Part Touring)


Wed 07 Nov    HOLLAND      HAARLEM                      PATRONAAT
Thu 08 Nov    HOLLAND       LEEUWARDEN                ROMEIN
Fri 09 Nov     GERMANY       OSNABRÜCK                  HYDE PARK
Sat 10 Nov     DENMARK      AARHUS                       TRAIN
Mon 12 Nov    SWEDEN       GOTHENBURG                TRÄDGARN
Tue 13 Nov     SWEDEN       STOCKHOLM                  KLUBBEN
Thu 15 Nov     FINLAND        TAMPERE                      KLUBBI
Fri 16 Nov      FINLAND        HELSINKI                      NOSTURI
Mon 19 Nov    BELARUS        MINSK                         RE:PUBLIC
Tue 20 Nov    UKRAINE         KIEV                           BINGO
Thu 22 Nov    POLAND          WARSAW                     PROGRESSJA
Fri 23 Nov     POLAND          KRAKOW                      KWADRAT
Sat 24 Nov    CZECH            ZLIN                           WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK
Mon 26 Nov   ITALY             BOLOGNA                     ESTRAGON
Tue 27 Nov    ITALY             MILAN                         ALCATRAZ (small hall)
Thu 29 Nov    FRANCE          MONTPELLIER               ROCKSTORE
Fri 30 Nov     SPAIN             BILBAO                       SANTANA 27
Sat 01 Dec     SPAIN            SANTIAGO                   DE COMPOSTELLA CAPITOL
Sun 02 Dec    PORTUGAL       PORTO                       HARD CLUB
Tue 04 Dec    SPAIN             MADRID                      LA RIVIERA
Wed 05 Dec   SPAIN             BARCELONA                SALAMANDRA
Fri 07 Dec     GERMANY        GEISELWIND                MUSICHALL
Sat 08 Dec    GERMANY        BOCHUM                      MATRIX
Sun 09 Dec   SWISS            PRATTELN                    Z-7
Tue 11 Dec   CZECH            PRAGUE                       MEET FACTORY
Thu 13 Dec   SLOVAKIA        BRATISLAVA                 MAJESTIC MUSIC CLUB
Fri 14 Dec    GERMANY         MÜNCHEN                    THEATERFABRIK
Sat 15 Dec   AUSTRIA          WELS                          SCHLACHTHOF
Sun 16 Dec  GERMANY         BERLIN                        C-CLUB
Tue 18 Dec   BELGIUM         CHARLEROI                  LE COLISEUM
Wed 19 Dec  UK                 LONDON                      FORUM




Also, as promised last time I touched base, I have 2 sets of framed handwritten album song sheets to give away to the first 2 correct answers plucked from the email bag of woe. To stand a chance of winning one of these beautifully scribbled one-off prizes, please answer the following question and mail it to competition@peaceville.co.uk. The competition will close on October 5th 2012!


What three Zodiacal symbols is the Manticore historically comprised of?


Okay, that's it for another . Nothing more to say other than to thank everyone who came out in support of the band live recently, all the in-depth analysts anal-ling on this website and of course, our head honcho at Cradle Towers, Laura Woodley for directing the deluge.


There willbe a track from the album released shortly for your vulgar delectation…


All Hallow's Eve.

The Manticore is coming.

Long live the 'Filth!



Pre-Order your copy of The Manticore and Other Horrors here!

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