Share some horrifying events (paranormal) that has happened in your life!

I've experienced a lot of terrifying shit in my day that i cannot explain. For example, When i was 7-8 years old, my step-grandfather passed away while we were taking care of him. he had a stroke that paralyzed him on his whole left side. He would always yell in the middle of the night for my step-mom to help him. he was a bitter man that smoked lucky strike filterless ciggs, and a HUGE alcoholic. His voice was very rough and sounded like he was a talking zombie or something! After his death, I took up the room he died in cuz i wanted my own room. At night i could feel something rather ominous nearby. I also would hear him yelling for my step-mother (Heidi). I saw red eyes that scaled the walls and ceiling. I would always just pull the covers over my head until i woke the next day. My body felt numb and hairs stood on end all over. This happened at least twice a week! Other occurances led me to believe that i wasn't paranoid, but scared shitless for a reason. what reason i don't know though cuz i cannot explain it. I have many more events to share if you're interested or want to share similar events you've personally encountered

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when i was 13 i watched my uncle kill himself, i went over and laid beside him and i heard a voice say your next.
Ohhh thanks guys ! I'm so f*ucking scared now, I can't sleep ! ... I think It's time to listen to Cradle all night, Oh Yeah \m/
SUPERB! many interesting stories! When I had an apt. with my best friend, there were severeal events that took place also. Yet no knowledge of any deaths or historical events... As the last story i presented, it took place in Arlington, Tx (where the new cowboys stadium is being erected). We, as well as other guests(for it was a "flop house" at the time), witnessed several events. One being knocking on the wall as if "someone" were walking upstairs outside knocking on the wall. Yet, whence we looked outside, there was absolutely nithing able to make those sounds whle ascending up the stairs! Also, as about 7 of us were sitting inthe lving-room when a stack of video tapes CLEARLY lifted up, shifted about 10 in. and suddenly dropped to the floor! The guests quickly vacated my apt. and never returned. The knocking on the walls was a regular event (happening at least 5 tiimes a week). When we moved out there was a black stan or spot about the size of a 40 Lb. dog remained under my bed! the bed was there the whole time we were and never moved. Nor were there any spills or stains on the bed to explain the black stain. the shape of the stain was the same as i slept on the bed every night (on my side with my legs slightly bent). That apt. appeared as if a room full of rockstars had rented a hotel room and crashed it! months after we periodically checked on that apt. and the damned thing was left as it was as if it were quarantined!
If you watched a beloved family member kill themselves without any resistance, then you need serious fucking help! Especially if you lay next to them afterward! I'm sorry but I have to call bull-shit on that! If you want attention, go to the mall naked!

whisper of the daemon said:
when i was 13 i watched my uncle kill himself, i went over and laid beside him and i heard a voice say your next.
You let your uncle kill himself? wow

whisper of the daemon said:
when i was 13 i watched my uncle kill himself, i went over and laid beside him and i heard a voice say your next.
i tottaly agree that is fucked if you watched him kill himself and like kristopher said go fucking run around the mall naked .....wah.....wah ....waaaaaahhhh!!!! good shit by the way kristopher!!!!

Kristopher said:
If you watched a beloved family member kill themselves without any resistance, then you need serious fucking help! Especially if you lay next to them afterward! I'm sorry but I have to call bull-shit on that! If you want attention, go to the mall naked!

whisper of the daemon said:
when i was 13 i watched my uncle kill himself, i went over and laid beside him and i heard a voice say your next.
I know you can piss off ghosts by asking the wrong questions! sounds kinda funny but true. I was in the living room playing on a ouija board (yes, made ny mattel the same thing that made candly land) with a friend of mine. i was asking when we were gonna die and was deliberately moving the cursor to "no". I was just trying to scare him, but after the third time i asked, a light bulb SHOT OUT of the socket without unscrewing! it flew toward my step-brother at the time and curved in mid air just missing him and hit the ground. Yet, the bulb didn't break! there were hard wood floors with no carpets. my step-brother picked up the bulb and it had no cracks. he very lightly tapped it on the coffee table and it shattered to pieces! That was totally un-intended, except that i ended up scaring everyone in that room. they burned the ouija board that night! Yellow-bellied cowards!

metalhead14 said:
Chase Fradette said:
when i was young we pissed off a ghost and it started throwing shit at us such as dressers

lol how do you piss off a ghost. not tryin to disprove or or something i just think its kindah funny in a creepy kindah way
When I was about three years old, we moved into a very nice house in Ohio which my parents got real cheap even though it had been completely remodeled. The only weird thing was that one of the closets smelled like smoke. My mother spoke to a neighbor who informed her that the house had burned to the ground a couple years earlier, but the neighbor didn't know what happened.

After a few months, my mother woke up in the middle of the night and checked my room to see if I was okay because my light was on and I didn't usually sleep with the light on. A picture of Mother Goose that had been hanging in my room was off the wall and propped against the bare bulb of the lamp, and the back of it was heavily charred. She hung it back on the wall, turned off the light, and went back to bed. A couple hours later, she woke up again, and my light was on again. She opened the door, and the picture was propped up against the light again. She took the picture entirely out of my room, and the next morning she asked why I did that.

Well, I didn't do that, so she was wondering what was going on. She called the real estate agent to find out how the house had burned down, and learned that two children in the house - who had slept in what was now my room - somehow managed to start a fire during the night. The parents got out okay, but both of the children died.

We literally moved to a hotel that night. We still have the picture, with the burned spot on the back.
hi well .. i have a story .. well it is not a story is something that happened to me when i was like 14 years old. i was in my grandmother's house .. and everyone was sleepin' and suddenly my mom woke up and my sis' too ... they where all like afraid of something and i couldn't understand anything they where saying and suddenly i heard that a 1 year old baby was loughing in one of the corners of the room .
The next day my mom told us that the baby that was loughing was my brother who died when he was 1 year old.
Those are pretty eerie events! Especially when family are involved! I know how you feel. As far as the picture with the bulb, has the house been burned again since? they should just make that property and empty lot! Did you guys report it? Well the next occupants will have a hell of an experience huh! Lol. Let's see, I remember asking on a ouija board to have a spirit SHOW themselves in some kind of manner. Nothing happened, so i asked to show in a more specific place, the bathroom. 15 minutes or so passed with no results. So, I grapped a polaroid camera and took a picture of the mirror in it, on a hunch. Once the picture developed, I could see the face of my step-grandfather in the lower left corner of the picture! I've lost it since for years have passed since. I wish I still had it! it was fucking awesome! I also was able to have (I guess it was my step-grandfather) it shake blinds in the kitchen, move objects from one part of the house to another, and turn on specific electronic devices(T.V.'s lights radios etc.) That house had a strong connection with something and it was willing to let you know it was there! But, it has been torn down for the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. It was on Sanford and Sweet Briar (Near the Ranger's stadium, across the street from the funeral home).
Last year before my grandad died I started to see this tall shadow figure walk down our hallway into mine or my parents room, and this would happen nightly, and then one night my mom was playing with a video camera, and she was filming me playing with our dog (who was a puppy at the time), and when she watched it she called me over to look, and in the background right behind me we saw this tall shadow standing and reaching for the door, and when we replayed it we heard a deep voice growl and say my was weird because when she was filming she didn't see it.

Also I would hear a man's voice saying my name late at night, and sometimes when I was asleep I'd be woke up by someone shaking me or just laying their hand on my shoulder, and when I'd open my eyes nothing would be there.

I would feel cold spots too through the house, and once when I had a friend over our compter desk top was a fiberglass desk, and it just exploded one morning into a million tiny peices for no friggin' reason.

One night I got home late, and I went to shower and I was just about to step into the bath, and something pushed me and I hit the mirror, and it bruised my forehead, but didn't hurt me bad...and I DIDN'T fall...there's no way.

This all stopped after my grandpa who lived with us died...he died rather violently, and it makes me wonder if all the stuff I saw, heard, and felt was a warning to what would happen.

Also when I was little we livedo ut on a farm that was actually haunted, and I'd hear little kids giggling and running at night.
Allright!Nice collection of experiences! So far any way... Here's one for those who've been in jail (Tarrant County in Ft. Worth, Tx, USA Especially!) For the time i spent there (THREE TIMES MY SENTENCE!!! FUCK YOU FUCKING MISERABLE FT. WORTH EXCREMENTS OF EXCREMENT!!!), strange events also took place there. There they have an underground hallway system that lies just below public streets. For trustee work, I would go to the older jail cells they used in the past and store files and clean up bird shit in the old basketball/volleyball courts. In the older cells (which actually had the metal bars instead of plexiglass), where we would store the files, there was a room where a man took his own life, somewhat violently. The place had no air-conditioning or heat anymore, and it was pretty fucking warm throughout.(80-85 Degrees Farenheit). But in that particular room, it was as if it were a walk in cooler!!!! I would say it felt about 50-60 degrees! I wasnt like it was enclosed from the other cells either. When leaveng the area, You would see a transparent figure standing, watching you as you left (if you chose to look back). The correctional officers didn't like being there either! They would always rush us and hurry the fuck up out of there. In the basketball court, I would sweep and mop the floors of bird shit everywhere (the was an opening in the cieling that exposed the "out-side-world" and allowed pidgeons to shit everywhere!) There had been another suicide that occured there also, according to many correctional officers that have been there for years. It was a woman that hung herself in that very court, in which it was used only for female "prisoners". While mopping (EVERY SINGLE TIME!!), foot and hand prints would begin to appear as if they were following me as I mopped!!! I told this to the C.O. and they would tell me, "I don't even wanna know. I don't like it here and if I could get out of watching ya'll down here, I'd do so in a heartbeat!" So naturally, for the time I remained there, I would volunteer to clean that area because the "prints" NEVER let me down!! That, and it was the time I didn't have to deal with the other people locked up in there! I really wish to keep this sharing of info. going because i'm contemplating writing a book about such things, but it would be nice if locations of such events were included!!!

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